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Founder of Keep Em Safe

On average at least one young person in Australia dies each week from alcohol related causes. Many others are harmed or potentially at risk of harm and as a result may never reach their full potential or live their dreams. The media is often strewn with stories of teenage parties spiralling out of control and violence on our streets. What has happened to our teenagers today?

A few years ago, after realising we were in the grips of a disturbing trend of teen drinking- especially at teenage parties, I embarked on a campaign to raise awareness to parents and the community to the growing incidence of underage drinking and the potential risks posed to our young generation. My focus was primarily on the secondary supply of alcohol to minors and the loophole in the current Victorian law which provides no legislation to protect children from being supplied alcohol by another person in an unlicensed/private premise.

I felt compelled to campaign the government and also challenge this culture that was threatening the well being of our young generation. I joined forces with the Australian Drug Foundation and Bruce Clark, whose son- Leigh, died after being supplied alcohol by another parent and became actively involved in community initiatives and projects including: school forums, Geelong Police- Barwon Safe Party, the Geelong Advertiser ‘Just Think’ Campaign and Deakin University- ‘Communities That Care’ project.

This website encompasses many areas relating to alcohol and young people. It aims to provide insight, education and a medium for engaging and connecting parents, community and government to target our current epidemic of underage drinking.

Its origins are based from a heartfelt desire to keep our kids safe and give them every opportunity to experience the best from their lives. As a concerned parent of teenagers I believe we certainly share in one common bond : We want to ‘keep them safe’.

Helen Torpy

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