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Community Project to reduce alcohol use in adolescents

Written By: Helen Torpy on March 6, 2012 2 Comments

Keep em safe is proud to partner Deakin University in a community project to reduce adolescent alcohol use.

“Fourteen communities are being invited to join a partnership to prevent adolescent
alcohol use: Communities That Care Ltd., is a not-for–profit organisation that
is inviting fourteen community partners across Australia to participate in a
new project that aims to prevent community alcohol problems by assisting young
people and their families to adopt national alcohol guidelines that discourage
adolescent alcohol use. The project has been funded by an Australian Research
Council Linkage grant to the Deakin University School of Psychology and is
being supported by the Centre for Adolescent Health at the Murdoch Childrens
Research Institute in Melbourne.

Adolescent alcohol use is a
major community problem:
Across Australia communities and families struggle with
alcohol-related problems. Alcohol is responsible for one third of deaths and
acute injury events such as road accidents in the adolescent and young adult
age groups. Children that begin using alcohol at a young age are more likely to
experience subsequent problems with alcohol in their adulthood compared to
children that delay alcohol use. Based on evidence of this type Australian
national guidelines were changed in 2009 and now recommend that alcohol should
not be used prior to the legal drinking age of 18. The new guidelines are
currently not well understood or accepted by adolescents or their families. For
example the Australian school survey in 2008 found that around half of 15 year
olds used alcohol on a monthly or more frequent basis, a level of alcohol use
that doubles the risk of subsequently experiencing an adult alcohol use
disorder. The current project aims to reduce youth alcohol use by encouraging
adoption of the national guidelines.

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