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Coalition Government will introduce secondary supply legislation to prevent unauthorised supply of alcohol to minors.

Written By: Helen Torpy on February 10, 2011 One Comment

The coalition government announced this news in a press release late last year in response to concerns with the growing trends of harmful alcohol consumption by young people-particularly those that are being supplied alcohol at private parties or gatherings without parental permission.

Many Victorian parents are concerned that we have not moved in line with other states such as Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales and introduced legislation to prevent another person from supplying alcohol to a minor in a private premise without permission.

There have been cases where teenagers have been seriously injured or died as a result of reckless and/or unauthorised supply of alcohol. See- Story of Leigh Clark.

During the 10 year campaign, there have been many parliamentary committee reports that have recommended secondary supply legislation be introduced.

There is a groundswell of support from parents, police, schools, experts, organisations, youth agencies and the community.

Keep em Safe has been campaigning with the ADF and Leigh Clark Foundation and congratulates the Victorian Government for supporting Secondary Supply legislation. This is the ‘emergency brake’ we need to protect the vulnerable and form the foundation for change in our culture.

From November 2011 it will be illegal to supply alcohol to anyone under 18 in your home unless you have the parents permission. Fines of more than $7000 can apply.

Click on the link below to the Vic Govt website to learn about the law and what you need to do to comply.


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