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Secondary Supply of Alcohol Campaign

Written By: Helen Torpy on July 15, 2010 No Comment

    “Think again before you buy and supply”

  Secondary supply of alcohol to minors poses an enormous health risk to our young generation. It is the ‘powerhouse’ behind our current teenage drinking epidemic and encourages early introduction of alcohol as well as on-going availability. This disturbing phenomenon has been overlooked on a large scale by parents, the wider community and our government and is exacerbated by inadequate laws that address the secondary supply of alcohol to minors in an unlicensed premise. This has tragically resulted in death and serious injury of young teenagers. 

 Kids have easy access to alcohol these days:

  • In private party settings where parents or others are hosting teenage parties and supplying or encouraging BYO alcohol.
  • By attending a party or gathering where alcohol is present and poor communication or supervision by the host.
  • Purchased and exchanged by another person (often a stranger that agrees to buy when approached by the child.)
  • Purchased by parents, friends or older sibling -often for consumption at a party

Under current Victorian law there is no legislation to protect your child from reckless or unauthorised supply of alcohol in an unlicensed premise-such as a private party or gathering.

Keep em safe, Leigh Clark Foundation and the Australian Drug foundation are campaigning the Victorian and Federal Government.

 Introducing legislation will:

  • Provide a safety net for our young people.
  • Stamp the community message that it is both unsafe and unacceptable to supply an underage child alcohol without the permission of the parent or guardian.
  • Reduce pressure on minors to start drinking early.
  • Provide parents with support and a good reason to resist supplying them alcohol for consumption without their supervision and help support them to impose boundaries.
  • Provide the catalyst for a change in culture surrounding alcohol and young people.

 There is a groundswell of support from parents, schools, health experts, police, youth agencies and organisations.

We need your voice to add to the campaign by emailing or writing to your local Member of Parliament.




Join the campaign and help keep our young people safe from alcohol related harm

Your email will make a difference. Write and tell them you are concerned that Victoria has no laws to protect minors and that you support the introduction of  secondary supply legislation.




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